Leona Alexander
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Born in California on October 08, 1938.
Son - John Allen was born on Dec 15th.
Twins - Daughter and Son - Wilma Jean and Jimmy Leroy was born May 8th.

Married Willie Eugene Alexander on June 18th.

Bill had 6 children from two previous marriages:
James Anthony "Tony"; Katherine; Willie Eugene Jr from his first marriage to Helen;  Arlene and Darlene (twins) and Wanda from his marriage to Bertha.

Leona had 3 children from a previous marriage:
John Allen, Wilma Jean and Jimmy Leroy (twins).

John and Jim legally changed their last name to Alexander as Bill Alexander was the one that helped raise them.
Son - Thomas Eugene was born on Jan 3rd
Son - Robert Wayne was born Jan 15th
Daughter - Janette Lynn was born May 11th
Grand-daughter (daughter of Jimmy Leroy) Crystal Lynn Alexander was born on July 6th.

Widowed - Dad passed away on August 19th.
Passed away on March 21, 2005 at the age of 66.
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